POS Mount Multi-Functional Ergonomic Stands

POS Mount is the ergonomic stand for modular POS systems, space saving, cost effective and users-friendly solution.
Sturdy metal construction of POS Mount offers guaranteed protection of your hardware.
Turning on-pole arms and adjustable tilts of holders allow installing of POS peripheral devices to comfortable working position for each cashier. Also transforming operated POS to Self-Service Check-Out is easy and possible within seconds.
Hidden in-pole cable management and cable holders for peripheral devices prevents casual disconnecting and provides neat view of the system in your store interior.
Owing to the modular design future upgrading of your POS system configuration can be made easy with suitable modules thus protecting your investments.
POS Mount is available as set of basic modules, or as a complete build-on-demand customized solution.

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Basic Configurations

Add-On Pole Mount Holders & Arms

Add-On Arm Peripherals Holders